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Notes and Calculator


This programme enables you to obtain a rough assessment of the amount of bursaries you might obtain from the HKU PCLL Bursaries Scheme.

The amount of bursaries produced by this programme is for your reference only.  It is calculated from the income figures and the number of family members you enter below.  In your formal application, the information provided by you will be vetted and is subject to amendment if the information is found to be incorrect.  In addition, if documentary proofs provided are not substantiated (e.g. self-written statement of income or unexplained prolonged unemployment), the Scheme may need to make adjustments as it deems appropriate necessary.  Your actual entitlement may therefore vary from the figures produced by this programme.  The Department of Professional Legal Education accepts no liability for any loss or misrepresentation incurred by its use.


*Subject to downward adjustment with reference to personal/family savings and assets.

Family Member(s)

No. of parent(s) residing with applicant's family

No. of unmarried siblings residing with applicant's family

No. of dependent unmarried siblings who studied abroad between 1.4.2020 and 31.3.2021 (only count those studying up to first degree level)

No. of dependent grandparent(s)

No. of dependent children / spouse (for married/divorced/widowed applicant, count those residing with applicant)

Total Number of Family Member(s) (including the applicant)

Income Test

Total annual income of parent(s) / spouse for married applicant (including contribution to family from other sources)

Total annual income for unmarried siblings residing with applicant's family

Total annual income of applicant


Average Family Income (AFI)

Family size

Amount of bursaries (subject to further vetting and other terms and conditions of the scheme)

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