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In light of the strike action announced by the University and College Union in the United Kingdom ("the UK Strike Action"), we are aware that some applicants who have recently completed their law degrees in the UK or who have recently studied in the UK as part of an exchange programme, may have their final results delayed.


After consideration, the HKU PCLL Admissions team has resolved the following:


(1) the Documents Deadline will be extended to August 18th at 5:30 p.m. Hong Kong time ("the Extended Documents Deadline") for those applicants who are affected by the UK Strike Action to submit their final UK law degree marks. This Extended Documents Deadline does not affect the submission of other supporting documents. This means that ALL other supporting documents which are not affected by the UK Strike Action (e.g. IELTS results) should be received by the HKU PCLL Admissions Office before the Documents Deadline of 5:30 p.m. (Hong Kong time) on August 4th. We highly recommend you send all supporting documents by registered post to ensure safe receipt and that you send them as soon as they are available to allow the processing of your application as soon as possible.


(2) in the event that the release of an applicant's final UK law degree marks continue to be affected by the UK Strike Action, then at the expiration of the Extended Documents Deadline, the course of action proposed in paragraph (3) below may be implemented by the PCLL Admissions team, on a case by case basis.


(3) condition subsequent offers may be issued to applicants affected by the UK Strike Action allowing them to commence the PCLL on September 1st 2023 pending confirmation of their final UK law degree results. This offer would have the conditions subsequent that (i) as soon as a student's final UK law results are received, they must immediately forward them to the PCLL Admissions Office; (ii) if their final law average mark is below the cutoff at which we admitted students to the PCLL in 2023 for the programme the particular student is enrolled in or (iii) if the student is later determined to be ineligible for the PCLL due to their failure to meet the eligibility requirements (e.g. they failed one of the PCLL prerequisites), then they will have to immediately withdraw from the PCLL and forfeit any fees already paid. 


(4) the above resolutions only apply to those applicants affected by the UK Strike Action and not to other applicants to the HKU PCLL in 2023. In the discretion of the PCLL Admissions team, an applicant may be asked to provide proof that their final UK law degree results have been affected by the UK Strike Action


The PCLL Admissions Office

July 4th 2023


PPT slides for Info Session

The HKU PCLL Information Session (For General Public) will be held on 24 January 2022.

* UPDATE AS AT 18 JANUARY. In view of the latest development of the Covid 19 in Hong Kong, we will move the information session to online.


Registration is REQUIRED and successful registrants will receive an email notification and the zoom link by 21 Jan 2022. Please refer to the below for the details:

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